Just-in-Time Family Assets and Capital Data Transfer

Your private encrypted digital vault for secure storage and just-in-time family asset and capital data transfers, no third parties involved. Tailored for wealth owners with $3M-$100M in assets. Leverage insights from the largest study on family wealth transfer. Our research is based on a survey of 13,500 wealth owners from 18 countries.


Towards the Future of Your Family

Imagine your family wealth as an iceberg. Family members see only what’s above the surface. 90% of its true structure is hidden.



If something happens to you, your family's standard of living will not remain the same. There is a 71% probability that they will lose access to 68% of the family capital.

Without access to this information, taking ownership will be impossible.In the end, you don’t have a doomsday envelope or an interactive safe box with self-renewal and proactive features to transfer these details to family members in case of an emergency.


Proprietary servers hosted by global tier-4 providers.

This is the only place where information remains your property and is stored securely on your side.


Keep records of 40 types of assets, including stocks, real estate, crypto, collectibles, and accounts, along with other important information.


Quickly specify who should Plan for the unexpected. Predefine:1) Who needs access to your asset information? 2) What information should they see? 3) Which assets are relevant?


Purely algorithmic information transfer eliminates human-factor risks. Not too soon—the family might be unprepared for the responsibility. Not too late—when execution becomes impossible. But just-in-time.

Owner.One was set up in response to the problems of a particular family with the information asymmetry issue described above. Read The True Story

Assets & Capital Data Transfer Insights

Global report on Risks and Challenges in Asset Preservation for Families with a net worth of up to $100M. Our comprehensive research encompasses responses from 13.5k wealthy families across 18 countries. It’s one of the largest global surveys of high-net-worth individuals on assets and capital transfer matters.


ready to lose up to 50% in exchange for a guarantee that the rest will be transferred to the family


doubt that trusted individuals and professionals will fulfill their duties properly

$310 000

average loss on each $1 mln due to gaps in data


lose their accustomed standard of living after the transfer


store assets data securely, others use paper, excel, notes, cloud storage & other insecure ways

Core Features

  • The only place that accumulates all information about your assets and capital
  • Owner.One creates your own website, which is hosted by Amazon or Microsoft. Ownership of the site is yours. You can transfer it to any other provider.
  • Owner.One is just a browser that provides easy access to your site. Any documents you upload are not stored in the Owner.One, but on your own website.
  • One of the billions of sites on the Internet, with the address example of  dfphwpìacnv29dsjspjaf88.vip – is yours and all the information is stored on it. You can also access it directly, without the Owner.One app.
  • You may disconnect the Owner.One from your site at any time. All information (except for the last 2 minutes - this is a technical limitation on the speed of downloading data via the blockchain) will be saved on your MyHub. You can keep using it directly.
  • All information about assets and finances – in one place. A place that belongs to you, reliably protected. You may get disconnected from the applications of your banks, brokers, family offices, and other agents, losing a significant part of the information. With Owner.One you don’t have such problems
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Trust yourself and your family only. For the rest there is an algorithm.

Owner.One allows capital owners to effortlessly prepare assets and capital data for transfer. It offers secure storage and ensures full ownership of your data — an all-in-one suite to manage wealth data across asset types, generations, and jurisdictions. The robust algorithm guarantees just-in-time execution.


Take care of your family's future

Set up risk-free assets and capital data transfer. Limited spots. Join Owner.One's wait list now