A true story of life

These are true stories about a boy and a girl. All characters are not fictitious, and any similarities are not coincidental.


Chapter one

The story of one boy

Many times, the grandfather told the boy, “Important things are never urgent, only if you don't do something in time.”


33 years ago, the boy was 12 years old. Happy childhood, love of a large family, attention and care, home, and well-being. His life seemed serene and secure.

The elders achieved their status through hard work over many years. But they did not explain it to the boy; they never told him.


A large, close-knit family met in the spacious, cosy garden every Saturday. It was the boy's favourite day. At another gathering, the faces that day were thunderous. They told the boy that the war had begun.

But not to worry, it's far away. Summer goes on Saturday after Saturday, as usual. The war remained far away. The adults comforted one another. On the surface, nothing has changed.

On the last of these Saturdays, the adults decided the time had come for action. Time to flee violence, save the families, and salvage assets - houses, money, property, bonds, jewellery, and bank deposits.

But it was too late. In the evening, the war came to the courtyard of the house. The line between “there is still time” and “it’s already late” turned out to be too thin. All relatives and all neighbours fled. Many did not reach their new destinations. Others lived in poverty once they arrived in foreign lands. A tightly-knit family was scattered across countries.

For 20 long years, the boy's parents tried to restore the minimum welfare of their family. Debts, pawnshops, part-time jobs, economising, and hardship have been the companions of the boy's mother all these years. Father went on never-ending trips around the country and the world in search of jobs to support the family.

Life went on. The boy grew up, got a law degree and became an investment banker. Lived in 4 different countries. Never put down new roots. He earned back his family’s welfare and capital. It took 30 years.



Chapter Two

The story of one Girl

Across the battle line lived a small girl. She was Grandpa's favourite. He was a highly respected patriarch of the family.


She'll never forget the summer she spent in a bomb shelter. A place where her sister was born and her brother matured before his time. They will soon be 40, yet they tremble every time they hear sounds of thunder and lightning.

The family fled. Nothing was left to save but themselves. All came crashing down without warning. Capital, houses, valuables, and other properties. They lost everything. The girl lived in the slums. She went to school without knowing a word of a new language. But she turned the corner. She earned a degree and started working.
Only decades later, life got better.

Chapter Three

The boy and the girl

Neither boy nor girl ever revisited those places. After 28 years, they met on the street of the big city, which became their home. Five years after they met, they had a family of five.

Friends from childhood call me Jan. The girl is my wife - Lou. We talked a lot about how what happened to our families was possible. We are lucky; we are good now and don’t refuse heaven’s gifts. Childhood experiences resurface when we talk about our children and the children of close friends. We worry about their future. There’s no point in starting from square one. It weakens vitality. They rise high, picking upstart where their parents left off.


Our family’s solution

It is surprising, but affluent and wealthy families are at a greater risk of losing their wealth than ultra-wealthy families. And reasons for losses usually lie outside of poor business decisions but simply due to information gaps. The world is not fair.


To solve this issue, we decided to create a solution for ourselves. Good old safe, but in a modern way. We implemented and balanced all up-to-date technologies - smart contracts, blockchain, algorithms, and cryptography in an easy-to-use way. Only the owner can set up the scenarios and algorithms tailored to his needs and preferences. Imagine a digital filing cabinet that knocks on the door of those you indicated in advance and transmits the information you instructed it to deliver.

The world’s situation has become increasingly alarming year by year: recession, inflation, and conflicts. My mind got fixated on the idea: it’s necessary to structure capital and assets so that I can share all relevant information with one button. And if I cannot do that, it should happen automatically, without human participation, at a specific time. Precisely when the time is right. Not before, so my family is not tempted.

And not later, before the chance slips away. This gives me peace of mind and allows me to live and work without looking back. Documents can be quickly recovered, but recovering lost information is often impossible.
As an investment banker and lawyer, I would definitely find a way out. I tried all the options - family offices, bankers, managers, and charge d'affaires. Not to mention paper notes and Excel sheets. The tool often suffered from a high potential for human error factor, was too expensive, hacking-prone, non-functional, or all of the above.

Our friends also joined. They know that the program is independent of its authors because it uses the blockchain under the hood. Each family stores its information on a separate blockchain server. The server and data on it belong to them and them alone.

In 2022, the project outgrew the “friends&family” format when we saw an outside demand. Presently, according to our initial analytics, over 13,500 capital owners from 18 countries have expressed interest in our project. So we have decided to grant access to everyone who wants to preserve their family wealth and pass it down to their successors.

If you feel aligned with our values, let us know. We will offer you access to the program when the next subscription wave starts. There are a lot of requests, and we’re at capacity to expand our blockchain.

This is our story. And if we ever meet face to face, I’ll tell you the whole story in detail and be happy to listen to yours. But for now, I suggest you recall your own story…



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