About us

Owner.One provides capital owners with the ability to keep their assets ready for transfer to their family members at any moment. The transfers will be triggered automatically only when or if something happens, ensuring that family members receive all required information not sooner, not later, – but precisely just-in-time. No third parties: no one can access private information or intervene in the transfer procedures outlined by the capital owner. Clients fully own all information about their capital and assets, storing it on their proprietary servers. Owner.One is just a browser, facilitating upload and download of data. Owner.One started as a family & friends project. As interest increased, it expanded to benefit capital owners globally. And our 2023 research had a huge response. We recommend that you study it, because it includes opinions and problems of people just like you.

Key figures. June 2024

13 500

Number of capital owners who participated in our Penguin Analytics research.


Countries of Owner.One clients

$2.81 billion

Assets under Ownership (AUO)* by families using Owner.One

2 months

Average time on the Waitlist. Instant purchase is still not available

100% families

use MyHub - independent server in client property. All client information is kept not in Owner.One, but on the clients’ servers.


Total number of families use Owner.One


Minimum amount of capital and assets of one family in Owner.One


Exclusion of 3 parties and elimination of the risk of fraud


The project was founded

$214.8 million

The largest amount of capital and assets of one family in Owner.One*


Assets data transfers executed within Owner.One


Family members use Owner.One


The average amount of capital and assets of one family* in Owner.One

The 10% of families with the largest amount of capital and the 10% of families with the least amount of capital were excluded from the calculation//analysis.


Сapital owners and their families signed up to the Waitlist

7 345 algorithms

for transfer capital and assets data information to family members, set in Owner.One for triggers - events or dates


Monthly growth rate of families using Owner.One

78 professionals

from 9 countries are the Owner.One’s team

21 745 assets

added by Clients in Owner.One

Owner.One has no limits on the number of assets, family members, or documents in MyHub


Assets data tests transfer executed within Owner.One


Of clients have capital and assets from $3M to $30M


Of clients have capital and assets from $30M to $99M


Of clients have capital and assets more than $100M


Clients contribute up to 94% of their important assets and capital into the program


Of our clients joined Owner.One on recommendation from wifes and children


efficiency of capital information transfer

6 days

The average time between downloading Penguin Analytics and installing the Owner.One

94 seconds

Or less it needed to transfer asset & capital data directly to an assigned person in case of algorithm’s trigger

3 minutes

takes to add a family member to your account


On average, capital owners add 6 family members and 10 external people


of clients use Owner.One as a main tool for transferring asset information to their families

7 minutes

to add basic asset information and select a recipient in case of an emergency

14 families

disconnected their servers from Owner.One and canceled their subscriptions in 2024. Every client can disconnect Owner.One from his server at any time. But leave all the information on self-side


of our clients use Owner.One as duplicate channel for transferring information to their family, needed for control any third parties

23% of clients

do test transfers of data to children and spouses to make sure everything works

6 founders

46 years old, 35, 4, 3, 2, and 1 year old


The true story of one girl and one boy inspired us to create Owner.One. Have you already read it?

0 names

and data of our clients we know


of clients create a MyHub within the 1st month of using the service, and another 64% after 1 month


Single Solution for Capital Owners. This is Owner.One

*based on the results of a voluntary client survey