The Great Wealth Transfer: Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities for Asset Preservation

The great intergenerational wealth transfer has already begun. It will be the largest in history. Experts expect families and others to receive more than $72.6 trillion from capital founders by 2045. What are the key risks, and how to manage them?


Why Switching to Blockchain Now Is the Best Option For Your Assets and Capital Data?

Until now, asset and capital data management has relied on decades-old technology. This has led to high costs, data breaches, and misconduct by third-parties. The introduction of blockchain technology to wealth management addresses these issues head-on. Explore how it protects your assets and capital information cost-effectively and securely.


The importance of timely sharing wealth information with your family

Unlock the crucial role of just-in-time delivery of asset and capital information for your family and loved ones with Owner.One. Learn how to avoid pitfalls, make informed decisions, and ultimately escape the cycle of losing 30% of a family's fortune.