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Trust only yourself and your family. Owner.One algorithm will do the rest. Tailored for wealth owners with $3M-$100M in assets

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How it Works

Quick Guide to Set Up Your Assets and Capital Data with Owner.One

Time Required to Set up Your Assets and Capital Data Transfer Algorithms

1 Min

Step 1

Sign Up and Reserve a Time Code

  • Create your personal account
  • Reserve a unique time code for MyHub, your secure vault for wealth information
  • Launch Owner.One app from your personal account
  • Access Owner.One on any device

Step 2

Launch MyHub and Become Sole Owner of Your Wealth Information

  • Own a private vault to store and view information about your assets and your capital
  • Access your information through an encrypted website
  • View your wealth data in one place. Once you upload your data to the Owner.One app, it is automatically synced in MyHub 
  • No one else has access to it, including Owner.One itself
  • You can leave Owner.One at any time. To do this, simply disconnect MyHub from Owner.One. Your access to MyHub and to your data remains unchanged.

Step 3

Make Your Assets and Capital Data Transfer-Ready

  • You can choose from 40+ asset classes. Each comes with a dedicated template.
  • Utilize templates to upload information on your assets and capital
  • Use fast-tracks to speed up data entry
  • Once filled in, wealth information is transfer-ready
  • Leverage it to prove continuity of asset ownership. Present it to pass Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Prepare Source of Wealth Essay.
  • Delegate data entry to assistants or trusted professionals. They will perform the task in a secured and restricted environment, with no ability to view any sensitive information
  • Invite to Owner.One those family members and individuals whom you consider close or important. Simply send them a link.

Step 4

Set Up Next Owner Accounts

  • Choose Next Owners for your assets and capital from family members and close individuals whom you’ve invited to Owner.One
  • There are no limits to the number of Next Owners
  • Test their readiness for this role, without disclosing sensitive data
  • Acquaint them with Owner.One and its capabilities
  • Set the groundwork for a smooth family wealth transfer
  • Ensure the family the wealth you’ve built is understood and appreciated by your family 

Step 5

Set Up Just-In-Time Transfer Algorithm

  • Specify what information, on which asset and when each Next Owner receives it
  • Create Transfer Algorithm for this process 
  • Determine triggers for automatic launching of your Transfer Algorithm
  • Opt for pre-set algorithms or create a custom one
  • Built on blockchain, they ensure immutability and prevent any third-party attempts to influence the process
  • The information about assets and capital will not be lost regardless of what happens.

The Next Owner will automatically receive all required information not sooner, nor later, but just-in-time to claim ownership.  


Step 6

Create Personalized Transfer Plans

  • Individualize your family transfer plan
  • Harness an intuitive algorithm builder to tailor it to your needs
  • Give yourself the peace of mind that your family wealth will be in the right hands, at the right time, on your terms

Core Features

  • The only place that accumulates all information about your assets and capital
  • Owner.One creates your own website, which is hosted by Amazon or Microsoft. Ownership of the site is yours. You can transfer it to any other provider.
  • Owner.One is just a browser that provides easy access to your site. Any documents you upload are not stored in the Owner.One, but on your own website.
  • One of the billions of sites on the Internet, with the address example of  dfphwpìacnv29dsjspjaf88.vip – is yours and all the information is stored on it. You can also access it directly, without the Owner.One app.
  • You may disconnect the Owner.One from your site at any time. All information (except for the last 2 minutes - this is a technical limitation on the speed of downloading data via the blockchain) will be saved on your MyHub. You can keep using it directly.
  • All information about assets and finances – in one place. A place that belongs to you, reliably protected. You may get disconnected from the applications of your banks, brokers, family offices, and other agents, losing a significant part of the information. With Owner.One you don’t have such problems
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