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What is Owner.One?

An encrypted digital vault to keep assets and capital information up-to-date. Secured algorithms to transfer the information to family with a 100% just-in-time delivery rate, leaving intermediaries risks behind. Owner.One offers each client a full setup to mitigate all transfer-related risks: ● Your own encrypted server for secure wealth data storage and management ● Blockchain architecture ensures no third-party access, not even by Owner.One ● Lifelong customer access to their data, even if they stop using Owner.One ● Over 40 asset class presets for adding information required for the transfer ● Transfer algorithms delivering capital data to family members not sooner or later, but just in time

What is MyHub?

My HUB is the core feature that sets us apart: Owner.One creates a personal encrypted website & client immediately gets full ownership over it. Residents have many financial applications, but none of them gives ownership over their data. Owner.One does. Operating on the blockchain, guaranteeing confidentiality and security, we equip you with full freedom to disconnect My Hub from Owner.One app, so if even resident decides to leave us, their data stays with you and with you only.

How to Become an Owner.One user?

To start using Owner.One, you need to: a. Open the Pricing Page and check the Tariff details b. Choose the Tariff that fits you best from available - Business, First, or Private Jet. Premium will be available soon. c. Tap the Waitlist button and Join the Waitlist d. Create your Account in Owner.One app. Here you can view and manage your subscription and personal information. Additionally, you can access Owner.One application from your account. You can also find the “Access app” button in the top right corner of the profile. e. Start filling out your Assets in your Personal Account f. Then you can Invite family members and other individuals whom you consider close or important. Choose The Next Owners of your assets and capital from among them. Test and control their readiness for this role, all while non-disclosing sensitive data in your account.

What is the Waitlist?

The Waitlist makes it possible to provide services to Owner.One resident's safety and security. Each resident has their time-VIN the unique time stamp of your Owner.One vault. Just as a moment in time cannot be copied or faked, the time-VIN ensures the uniqueness, non-replicability, and authenticity of your Owner.One account. As soon as spots in the Waitlist become available, we will send you an invitation.

How to upgrade my tariff?

Enhance your Owner.One experience and gain priority access to advanced tools and features in your account. Easily upgrade the tariff in your account to have full access to all tools. Important note: Tariff changes are available on Business, First, or Private Jet fares. This feature is not available on the Premium plan yet.

What is information asymmetry?

Imagine your family wealth as an iceberg. Family members see only what’s above the surface. 90% of its true structure is hidden. This mirrors the issue of information asymmetry. Family members are unaware of the full details of the assets. Without access to this information, taking ownership will be impossible. In the end, you don’t have a doomsday envelope or an interactive safe box with self-renewal and proactive features to transfer these details to family members in case of an emergency.

What is KYC?

KYC, standing for Know Your Customer or sometimes Know Your Client, is a required process where a client’s identity is both identified and verified at the time of account opening and then periodically thereafter. Please check that KYC may also include verifying funds' origins during transactions. Something like: understanding the nature of customers’ activities and qualifying that the source of funds is legitimate; and assessing money laundering risks associated with customers.

What is SoWE?

SoWE (Source of Wealth Essay) is a characterization of sources and a chronological description of family wealth with spotlights on the key aspects and the most controversial data. It is signed by the capital founder. Sometimes their spouse or someone else witnesses it. A SoWE is drafted in the capital founder's native language and in English. It is recommended to also prepare SoWE in the language of the countries in which passports, residence permits your family members have, and where you keep your financial or other assets.

What is Continuity of Ownership?

Continuity of ownership is one of the key aspects that banks require when establishing KYC. It has to be proved that the funds moved by the customer are the same ones that were earned legally. The bank needs to see the entire history of asset movement since inception. Complicating the situation is the fact that your money in different accounts is shuffled around, merged, separated. If you can't confirm the path with "markers", financial institutions will easily deny a particular transaction or stop working with the client if there are doubts. It is a common phenomenon to block a transaction after it has already been initiated.

How is my data protected?

Residents take full control of information regarding their assets and capital. It will be exclusively stored and owned by the resident, utilizing the 'My Hub' function. No third-party access is guaranteed.

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